Audiolabor will stand for quality reduced and classical Techno. Our style can be described as rough, dark, uncompromissed, dubby, berlin & detroit influenced, but always authentic. We dont go with the flow, we are intentionally different.

Our first Cover artworks where followed by a simple concept – the artists signed their names and the album titles in their own hand writing. So the artwork and the whole EPs was more special and different to 99% of all other labels and concepts in the days we started. Since 2012 we combined it to classical full colored cover artworks. Our main goal is still “be different”.

Our digital Formats are distributed via EPM Music and you can find our releases on every good digital store and shop.

In 2012 we also released our first CD “ONE TO X.” with a collection of the best tracks about the first 10 releases. It was limited to 50 copies world wide.

Vinyl Releases are planned for the future in limited series and copies. It will be exclusively and not digital at the same time. We will call it “AudlabVnl”.